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Make America Porcine Again

02 April 2019
The title links to an evergreen post via the University of Michigan Map Library blog. I keep returning to it, eight years after my first glimpse…

Fine art and commercial design

10 January 2017
The first North American railroads were built 50 years before the first railroad logo was trademarked. Today, as the result of mergers and bankruptcies there are only eleven Class I railroads operating in the United States and Canada.

Chrome Web Lab: Orchestra Recording

Cupola of the state capitol at Austin. Photograph by Ted Landphair via Picasa

”Activist hedge funds have been playing an increasingly central role in corporate governance. ”

Stock markets do not capture the long term costs of short-term pillaging. As a result, these activist investors can pursue transactions that increase prices at the expense of long-term performance, such as cutting project investments or reserve funds.