Internet governance and assorted unrelated charts

The Internet Engineering Task Force Trust was created by the Internet Society, the Corporation for National Research Initiatives and the Internet Engineering Task Force on December 15, 2005.

The purposes of the trust include the advancement of educational and public interest by acquiring, holding, maintaining and licensing certain existing and future intellectual property and other property used in connection with the Internet standards process and its administration, for the advancement of the science and technology associated with the Internet.

Who owns the IETF acronym and logo?

The logo page gave a 403 Forbidden error! However, this page worked and motivates my next question: Could I just pop on up to the Parent Directory and wander around the IETF site on the basis of URL’s and wild cards alone?

Before I set out on that experiment, I accessed an ENORMOUS version of the IETF log, the one in BMP (bitmap) format, in the list below (4-24-2007 and last modified 16 Jan 2008, so not truly an “old 2009 image or log”).

How many top-level domains are there?

The yellow node image below and dated March 2009, was associated with a highly pertinent post on the ICANN blog,
Hands down, the most common question I get at an ICANN meeting is “Where are the restrooms?” A close second is “How many top-level domains are there?”   Occasionally they are more specific — how many are there of a certain type. — ICANN Top-level Domain Census

In fact, the content is something that internet users will probably always inquire about, particularly due to the incremental but cumulative changes implemented by ICANN. For such a bureaucratic organization, they manage to keep things moving, presumably forward.

More detail, and a larger version of the chart, may be found at the source of the internet, so to speak, at IANA domain root.

  • GB is the ISO 3166-1 code for the United Kingdom, making it one of the 242 derived from the ISO 3166-1 standard. 
  • UK is categorized as one of the 3 exceptional current countries.

The following (countries?) are assigned exceptionally reserved codes:

  1. AC for Ascension Island
  2. EU for the European Union
  3. UK for the United Kingdom

Information about retiring domains is in an earlier blog post about the lives of country code domains. Former country codes are

  1. SU was Soviet Union
  2. TP was Portuguese Timor
  3. YU was Yugoslavia 

These are the exception current countries

  1. SCO is Scotland
  2. QC is Quebec
  3. TAT is Tatarstan

Economic matters and unrelated items

This was significant for content, and longer term historical perspective.  Via Twitter @scottybarber, who is a Reuters employee.

Times-series comparison of futures contracts and $USD per Euro value,as Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, followed by requests from Greece for(troika?) aid in 2009 or so.

Federal Reserve soothsaying: Janet Yellen in 2010

Wall Street Journal FOMC voting status

Nice buttons and random this-and-that’s

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