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Sheering Time Approaches: Let’s Go Hyper-local Arizona

t’s that time of year again. Navajo sheep herders will be coming down from the hills north of The Valley of the Sun, no doubt psychologically well-prepared for all the sordid news of the city:

  • A broken dam due to burst bladders at Tempe Town Lake,
  • The $1,000,000 price on the head of Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe by volatile Mexican drug lords, and 
  • The ever popular AZ Senate Bill 1070 a.k.a. Arizona Immigration Reform.

To commemorate sheep-shearing season, I’m presenting an extravaganza of gentle sheep-y imagery, from a variety of sources. Well, I admit, from two sources: Zazzle merchants, and The images are so nice, I thought you might enjoy looking at them too.

I need to find a better illustration source than advertisements, at some point. Until such time should arrive, well, if you’d be so kind and not breathe a word of this.

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