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Would you ever leave on a road trip without a map or GPS? It is foolhardy and unwise.

Dr. L. Leemis published the paper Univariate Distribution Relationships in The American Statistician available here:

In the paper is the most wonderful chart any statistician has ever seen.

With Dr. Leemis’s permission we are able to bring you a full sized poster of the Univariate Distribution Relationships so that even though you may wander amongst the distributions, you are never lost.via

All original work by NausicaaDistribution viaEtsy

My-my-my-my data hits me so hard
    makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me
    with SAS to use and proc MC MC
It feels good
    when you know you're done
A consistent sample from a target distribution
    And its known as such
And this is a property u can't touch

I told you homeboy
    u can’t touch thisYeah that's how we're samplin' and you know
    u can't touch this

Look at my steps man

    u can't touch this

Yo, let me reach the distribution
                                               u can’t touch this

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