Make America Porcine Again

The title links to an evergreen post via the University of Michigan Map Library blog. I keep returning to it, eight years after my first glimpse.

I wish Big Think had better URL persistence, but I was able to relocate one broken inline link, National Porcineographic: Portrait of America as a Young Hog. It was written by Frank Jacobs for Strange Maps.


Cartography of Second Life

Surprise! Cartography enthusiast and mapping patron David Rumsey was there too: Viewing Second Life.

I am Ellie Heartsdale. I owned a small corner plot of land on an island sim in the west. I built a little house there, for me and the piggies. I went to the Second Life synagogue, in Nessus, on Friday nights.

My father was still alive then. I was working for the State of Arizona, Department of Health Services, Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs, as chief research statistician. That was my title, “Research Statistician, chief”.

I was happy, but as usual, didn’t realize it at the time.



Google and I take the slow boat to China

Today began with a test-run of yet another sociable Google product, with the pleasing name of Hotpot. Actually, Hotpot was rolled out yesterday. The official news site for Hotpot can be found on a brand new Google Hotpot blog on Blogger. I wrote a post about Hotpot at one of my other on-line homes, my Google hobby site, at the Googleplex on WordPress. I’ll include my review of Hotpot, instead of repeating myself.