Privatized British Rail

Actually, I think they are. Regardless, privatized British rail has another problem: British rail is nationalised all over again – by foreign states:As ticket prices skyrocket again today, a new video points out the absurdity at the heart of Britain’s privatised railways. Huge chunks of Britain’s rail operating companies are now owned by the French, Dutch and German governments. A chunk of the profits made from hiking fares in the UK are paid in dividends to state-owned companies such as Keolis, Arriva and Abellio.

It gets worse

…because Britain’s privatised rail companies receive massive government subsidies – some £4.8 billion in 2015-16 – even taxpayers who never use trains are effectively subsidising European services.

So, British taxpayers subsidize the public services of various wealthy European nations.

I found another source, which confirms that yes, British Rail is in fact owned, and operated at a profit, by the governments of China, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, and Hong Kong, depending upon which rail line one chooses, and where one is traveling.

Certain political parties say they don’t believe in state control, yet are perfectly happy to allow Britain’s train companies to be run by state-owned railways – as long as it’s another state!:…there’s a choice of trains into London: those run by the Dutch, or those run by the Chinese…Welsh railways fell to German-owned Arriva long ago, while ScotRail is also in the hands of the Netherlands’ Abellio. The French, as part of Govia, own much of Britain’s biggest commuter franchises, including Southern Rail. Still, the news last week that South West Trains – serving destinations such as Weymouth and Windsor from Waterloo – would from August be operated by First MTR, partly owned by the Hong Kong government.